True wilderness areas in Namibia

Namibia is Africa’s hidden gem, one of the last true wilderness areas in Southern Africa. It is still so remote, so wide and untouched. Namibia is so extraordinary as to leave visitors dumbfounded. You will find yourself drawn in by vistas of endless red sand dunes in the Kalahari or Namib Desert around Sossusvlei, with a brilliant blue sky. You can also experience a vast salt pan, which changes colors with the seasons, from white pink to turquoise. Or a spectacular rocky desert, dotted with trees in dry river beds, that perfectly set the scene for a unique experience. On the east side of the country, along the Atlantic Ocean, the desolate and dramatic Skeleton Coast will capture the imagination of even the most seasoned traveler.

Don’t expect Big Five at every corner, or endless herds of animals. Namibia is all about landscapes, colours and sounds: ever changing, and ever more otherworldly.


Get away from the hustle with an extraordinary experience in Namibia. Be inspired by our getaway suggestions in Namibia, and recharge your batteries in one of the last true wilderness areas in Southern Africa. Namibia is a real African success story.

Guest testimonials

Thanks a lot to our guests for sending the following pictures and comments. It was a real pleasure to travel with you and share some of the secrets of Namibia.


Thank you Thank you for so many things Google does not have enough space in their atmosphere for all the things I want to mention. If I start, my computor might blow up!

My visual vocabulary is filled with Namibia, for a very log time to come.


I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for all you did to make our trip to Namibia so incredibly memorable and special.  Not only your amazing ideas, but the execution of those ideas, down to the smallest detail, is what I appreciate so much.  Getting it RIGHT is an art and you DID IT beautifully… it was INCREDIBLE!


I am still thinking of the magic!  A lantern lit sand dune in the middle of nowhere, with French champagne perfectly chilled, and a Michelin five-star dinner…   how is that possible?  A row of white chairs on the face of the Moon… with more pink champagne…and rocks that sing… how is that possible?