(Interview) – What is unique about OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd?
OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd is paving the way for high-end exciting tourism with varied focuses. Our passion is classical music. In gowns and dinner suits, we will be sharing great moments at the most exclusive music festivals, like Bayreuth, Salzburg, Glyndebourne, the seasons at Covent Garden or La Scala. And why not personalise your trip even further with private performances, exclusive tours, and the involvement of internationally known artists?
Contemporary art and architecture have quickly become new passions.
We are therefore combining the useful and the pleasant by going from one city to another, from an opera house to a concert hall, from a private collector to a major contemporary art fair on prestigious yachts, reserved for a small number of passengers.
Originally set up for families and groups of friends, OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd is also much sought after by companies. Its ability to obtain private access to the most prestigious and seemingly inaccessible places enables it to work closely and confidently with major companies. Private tours of the Sistine Chapel, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, an ancient Greek stadium in Athens…
We are motivated by a desire to share the grandest institutions, to bring surprise and excitement, to create a coming together based on a shared passion. These surprises are part of our private travel experiences.


(Interview) – What is your approach to made-to-order travel? 
Disappointment over a product as emotional as travel is simply not imaginable. We focus on service, on extreme value added. We are always attentive so we can respond to your members’ requests. We pride ourselves on being a small but dedicated team of travel professionals who provide a superior service and personal professional attention to each and every client.
This attention, which of course starts before the trip begins, to better understand the mind of each traveller and offer a maximally personalised trip through options of places to visit and people to meet that coincide with their main interests. All this is carefully orchestrated to gradually increase the elements of surprise and excitement during the trip.
As time passes, Clients come to realise that their status has changed: no longer consumers, they have become actors in their own trip.
That is our vision for made-to-order travel.


(Interview) – However, OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd is perceived as being expensive; how do you justify that?
This comment comes mainly from people contacting us for the first time and who, ultimately, do not yet know what our trips consist of. But this comment is incorrect. Our profit margin is standard, around 18% excluding the variable costs of currency conversion and international bank transfers. After we pay our fixed costs, our profitability amounts to just 2% of our sales figures. Hence it can be said that 16% out of this 18% is devoted to the work done on behalf of our clients.

Moreover, unique, personalised, on-the-move travel cannot be compared with fixed stays and charter flights, all identical and not modifiable. Furthermore, an on-the-move trip necessarily costs more than a fixed stay, because of the travel involved. However, for a given level of accommodation, our rates are equivalent to, or even lower than, those of our competitors, since we buy and sell directly, without intermediaries.
Our travellers speak not only of a magnificent trip, but also especially of a rarely achieved level of services!