Tips for a hassle free holiday in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is really famous in this world for the red light district as well as for the stance on marijuana. But there are many other things except this. Things like candlelit cafes, Golden Age Canals lined by the gabled houses, lush parks, whirring bicycles, monumental museums, quirky shopping, colorful markets and legendary nightlife make this free-spirited city one of the best cities of Europe. With so many offerings, it often becomes overwhelming to learn where to start. In this article, you will find necessary tips to enjoy a hassle-free holiday in Amsterdam.



Canal cruises:

There are a variety of waterborne services and entertainment facilities offered in the shores of the city with a fleet of around 200 vessels. By the year 2014, around a quarter of the entire canal cruise boats were powered electronically. Being silent and clean, these boats are just perfect for the tourists, who like to record the cruise on video. No tremble or engine noise would pollute the recordings.



Discount cards:

As admissions to the public transport and museum tickets might signify a vital cost during your trip. The discount cards help to lower all these expenses. Besides, by considering the discount cards, one can also save both energy and time.



Tour to Amsterdam:

Bike tours are operated all over the year with the option to combine one countryside tour during the summer. This type of trip is perfect for people, who look for active relaxation. Besides, there are regular bike tours that go through the countryside and city while visiting the sites like clogging factory/cheese farm and windmills.



Boat rental in Amsterdam:

Apart from boarding the bus like a cruise, you can also choose to rent a private boat. The city is known for offering an amazing boat rental service. Here the travelers can choose from a wide range of boats starting from the small ones to the large ones with full services included in those.



Transportation in Amsterdam:

The city of Amsterdam is compact, so renting or walking bikes to use the great bike lanes is really easy. But the option of public transportation is also great here. All you need to purchase a chip card at the counter or the ticket vending machine. Apart from that, you can also ask the driver to get a tourist pass.



Things to do while traveling in Amsterdam with kids:

In Amsterdam, there are a number of attractions that the kids can thoroughly enjoy. So, whether you are traveling with near grownups or young kids, you will find a number of fascinating, exciting, crazy and fun-filled things to do in different places of Amsterdam.



Things you should avoid while visiting Amsterdam:

Things to avoid while traveling to Amsterdam mainly revolve around bicycle lanes, car driving, visitor’s safety, public transportation and also smoking in the public places.



Learning the Dutch language:

In case you are traveling to the Netherlands for a short period, then learning Dutch is not required. But in case you are planning to stay there for the period of a month, then you must learn to speak Dutch. This will help you to communicate with the locals.



The ideal time to visit Amsterdam:

The most popular times to travel to Amsterdam are July and August as the weather remains finest at this time. Although the weather in Amsterdam is never extreme at any point of the year and if you are one of those, who prefer off-season travel, then you can travel to this city any time of the year.



Suggested itineraries while traveling Amsterdam:

Whether you are traveling to Amsterdam for just one or two days or for a few days, then you should know that Amsterdam has a number of things to offer to keep you entertained. Besides, this city also has the itineraries that can offer the tourists the best overview of this beautiful city.



A tour to the Jewish Amsterdam:

Jewish population along with its religion and culture was famous since the very beginning of the 17th century and it plays an important role in the Amsterdam tourism. So, while traveling in Amsterdam, tourists can explore the destinations like the Anne Frank House, synagogues, restaurants, and the popular Jewish history museum.



Money and currency in Amsterdam:

In Amsterdam along with the Netherlands and other parts of the European continent, you can use Euro as a currency. And no other currencies are accepted here. So, you have to convert the currencies before visiting the Netherlands. The most preferred method of payment in Amsterdam is Euro cash. Besides, credit cards are also accepted widely, but in some cases, you may need to pay an additional charge of (2-6%) for paying with credit cards.



Visit the Amsterdam tourist information office:

Local tourist information office in Amsterdam works as an important source from where tourists can get useful information about this city along with some important tips. But you may need to pay the office authority a small amount for making room reservations.



Safety while traveling in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is really safe for everyone and therefore there is nothing to worry about while traveling in any part of this city. But this never means that you can keep your belongings unattended. In fact, you must keep your bags and other belongings with you while traveling somewhere. There are chances of pickpockets. Some of the residential suburbs of Amsterdam have a bad reputation at night.



Purchase Dutch souvenirs:

There are a number of souvenir shops in Amsterdam from where one can purchase the collectibles during the trip.


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