You are unique, we are unique. We offer something no other company offers : an organised surprise during the trip, created and designed by Olivier with one objective: to blow your mind! The surprise incorporates Olivier’s deep passion for art and music, the music of fascinating cultures in countries you may decide to visit with him… from Myanmar to Namibia! Singular travel experiences.

For those who like surprises it is an opportunity of a lifetime, something you will remember for the rest of your life!

However, there’s a catch! Those lucky enough to have this unique experience are sworn to secrecy!!! Which is just as well as there is no way to describe the surprise to anyone who wasn’t there!


OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd is a members-only luxury travel agency, dedicated to providing highly personalized, enriching experiences to a select group of families or friends. Truly a boutique among boutiques. To inquire about Membership, please contact us.


Owner run and operated, OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd offers a highly customized experience through Asia, Europe and Africa.


Looking for travel ideas for your family, as a couple or vacationing with friends? From romantic getaways (enjoy a comfortable trek and visit of the Loire Valley castles with your beloved one) to family trips (have fun with your friends while cycling along the Canal du Midi, arrange a private barge cruise or discover Burgundy’s culinary delights on a tour of world-renowned vineyards), we will always help you discover your destination in unmatched authenticity and style.


We select our members and prepare for them experiences they haven’t yet imagined. For more than 20 years, we have been providing unparalleled personal services for our guests. Let’s make travel extraordinary again, as it was in the days before travellers became tourists. Reach for the unreachable. We will take you there!


OLIVIER VOYAGES (Pty) Ltd specializes in unique travel experiences that explore the world’s most fascinating places. We explore culture, opera, modern art, architecture, natural remote areas, and travel extensively through Southern Africa, Asia and Europe.


You have your wish list. Places you’ve dreamed of going your entire life. We prepare the travel experiences you haven’t even imagined yet and make your trip the journey of a lifetime.


We go beyond standard sightseeing to make each stop memorable. We take you behind the scenes and offer multiple opportunities to connect you to the cultures and places you visit.
We seek the hard to find. Our trips are designed to bring curious and like-minded guests together, who will share very private cultural experiences.


We love to travel as much as you do. We are motivated by a desire to share the lesser-known cultural meccas and the grandest institutions. To inspire surprise and excitement. To create a coming together based on a shared passion. And to travel in excellence.


Our extensive network of friends around the world allows us to create magical, meticulously planned and singular travel experiences that are unique and often difficult to arrange, based on our clients’ own specific interests.


Our travel staff will be your personal guides for your once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Artists, experts, authors, curators, will share their knowledge of the sights, cultures and people we encounter; they will highlight the tours, bringing knowledge and behind the scene access to the world.


Our guests rest and recharge in some of the world’s most outstanding properties, each reflecting that destination’s local culture and design. Each of the prestigious places we are offering has been carefully selected, inspected and tested for you.


We cater to the highest end of the market, and our members deserve the very best of everything. We select small luxury hotels. Our criteria are their elegance and charm, their superb location, the size and quality of their rooms, the efficiency and warmth of the staff, and the overall singular travel experiences they provide. In all cases, we have long-established relationships with the properties we choose, which guarantees preferential service for our guests.


No comfortable hotel in the vicinity? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve complete comfort. But it’s our job to create them onsite! And to follow the movement of Nature by producing something luxurious where it had already created something wonderful. Gone as fast as it appeared, our one-night camp will leave the magnificent setting that welcomes us intact…


We believe that sharing the very best local cuisine and wine is an important part of your travel experience. Therefore we spend a great deal of time selecting restaurants, and have found what we think are the very best in each city.


We select restaurants for their exquisite, traditional, regional cuisine, ambiance and warm service. In many cases, these are “hidden gem” restaurants, not known by tourists. On occasion, we enjoy some time together in historic or Michelin-starred restaurants. We do a specific wine research as well, and pre-select them for lunch or dinner. We cater to any and all dietary concerns.


  • To provide our members with the highest level of service and personal attention to detail.
  • To compose unique itineraries according to our members’ personal needs and passions.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness with our team and our members.
  • To build sincere and authentic relationships with our guests, share our passions with them, so that they keep coming back to us.
  • To share and give back to the people and communities we visit during our tours.
  • To make travel extraordinary again, as it was in the days before travellers became tourists: singular travel experiences.
  • To bring together people from different cultures all over the world, to improve communication and mutual understanding. In conclusion: to make the world a better place, in our own and modest way.